Gemini MasterCard

Launching a credit card that can make you money with an ad campaign that can make you money.

Gemini is a cryptocurrency trading platform, founded by the Winklevoss twins (made famous as initial founders of Facebook and immortalized in the movie, “The Social Network”). They see Crypto as the future of money and Gemini as democratizing investing for the masses.

Gemini assigned us to launch their new Mastercard, targeted at the “crypto-curious.” These are people who have been thinking about crypto but hadn’t taken the plunge and started investing. What people needed was a nudge to get them “off of the sidelines” and into the game. Enter Gemini’s new Mastercard, which offers rewards in crypto. Turning the worst-case scenario on its head, we invited people to imagine the best thing that could happen: getting rich off of everyday purchases from toasters to lawnmowers. The campaign generated a waiting list for the card 500,000 deep, and the ads themselves traded as NFTs for more than they cost to produce.