Supernatural is the first human + machine creative agency. We make provocative advertising that delivers otherworldly results.
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Paul Caiozzo
Founder, CCO
Johan Leandersson
Creative Director
Paige Whitaker
Jørgen Sibbern
Peter Molnar
Patrick LaBelle
Yea Hee Kim
Mike Barrett
Founder, CSO
Katie Rochford
Account Director
Shelly Fifolt
Group Account Director
Ashley Williams
Head of Strategy
Eric Kim
John Elder
Founder, CEO
Liza Bobrow
Head of Operations
The Machine

We built a machine learning algorithm to supercharge our creativity. The machine lets us get to strategy faster, make more relevant creative, and ensures that everything we do is informed by everything we (and our machine) know.

For the talented humans of Supernatural, The machine is a power tool, helping to accelerate the entire ad making process — from strategy to creative development, all the way through production. It delivers creative intelligence for intelligent creative.

Our humans and the machine in action
KAYAK Deniers
Supernatural Results: Over 100m total views.
90% positive social sentiment. 3x goals.
Our machine found the insight. Our people brought craft and creativity. Our clients supplied the bravery. The end result helped KAYAK stand out during the holidays, in a category that’s notoriously competitive.
Gemini MasterCard
Supernatural Results: 500,000 people on a waiting list for this crypto based rewards card from The Winklevoss Twins.
The machine found our target - the crypto curious, and our people created the world’s first ad campaign sold as NFTs. (Which are now selling for more than the ads cost to make.)
Christ Hospital
Supernatural Results: Site traffic tripled. Time on site increased by 75%.
Launched with 70% applicant-to-hire ratio.
One week from brief to launch. Covid fueled staffing shortage was mission critical for the hospital. The machine defined a strategy in hours, the team executed quickly and the work over delivered.
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Creatives Are Building Technology to Reinvent How Advertising is Made at Creative Agency Supernatural

Creatives Are Building Technology to Reinvent How Advertising is Made at Creative Agency Supernatural

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