Business will be transformed by three things: high-quality data, emerging technology powered by AI and smart people. We have assembled all three.

What we believe

A company's long-term revenue depends heavily on new customers, and marketing is the primary means of attracting them. There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing than right now, thanks to new data sources and new technologies to work with them.

What have assembled

AI-powered tools combined with emerging data sources are disrupting industries that have long relied on algorithmic decision-making. Accelerators, “maturity models”  frameworks, are all examples of these algorithmic decision supports.

In this economic cycle, marketing will be transformed by three things: High-quality data, emerging technology powered by artificial intelligence, and smart people. We have assembled all three.

How we work

We answer the questions that drive growth:

  • In my category, what drives share? How does advertising contribute?
  • In my category, who is winning, who is losing, and why?
  • Where will future growth come from?
  • Who is my next best customer and how do they make decisions?
  • What is the business case for whatever activity I’m planning? 

Why Supernatural Consulting is uniquely suited to help drive growth for your business:

  • Leadership experience as partners in a global management consulting firm
  • Deep background in research, strategy & analytics
  • Our platform is built with best-in-class data, the most current academic research on marketing effectiveness, and an emphasis on real-time decision-making that consulting firms do not possess.

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