The Machine

The current process of making ads is slow, fragmented, and expensive. Collaboration is crushed by time constraints, ambition by tightened resources.

The result? Nobody is happy with the current state of advertising – neither the audience, or the people making it.

We started Supernatural to change that, by bringing together a group of creative people and arming them with technology that is purpose built to help them make better advertising.

The Machine is an aggregation of sophisticated AI algorithms and machine learning models sitting on top of an enterprise grade data stack that have been trained in the ad-making process.

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It is a voracious learner, fed a constant stream of first party data, third party data, and research on advertising effectiveness from the last 25 years. It’s an inspired creator, using the latest AIs to help humans write, design and refine creative ideas that deliver results.

SN/MACHN v.1.0
Status: Running Audience Model
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SN/MACHN v.1.0
Status: Audience Behavior Model
Audience Insights:
SN/MACHN v.1.0
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Who is the audience? What are they interested in? How do they make decisions?

How does the audience participate in culture? What is the tension in culture that the brand can resolve?

What do they hear and see from the competition? What do they think of it?

What’s the opportunity for the brand? What should they do or talk about? 

Data to answer these questions and more are pulled from our data stack, passed through our algorithms and shared with our team and yours. The resulting analysis is a detailed picture of the opportunity for your brand set in the context of your audience(s) and your competitors.

We take all the data gathered about audience, category, and competition, and feed it into the strategy engine.

The strategy engine is a proprietary AI trained on advertising effectiveness. We use it to facilitate a strategy workshop that is informed by everything in the analysis phase. It doesn’t offer a magic bullet, but instead a series of highly useful options that spark thought, debate, and direction for our humans and yours.

Now, a process that used to take weeks can be completed in a day. As a result, agency and client teams can get to the ideation process faster and with greater confidence.

Now we turn our strategy (or strategies) into a creative brief. It is a lean document, designed to point creatives in the direction of breakthrough ideas.

This is where human creativity shines. Even more so now, with help from the machine.

The Machine will prepare decks and presentations along with reference imagery for moodboards and scripts.

It will quickly do a scan of a category and surrounding cultural conversation to give teams creative fodder.

And down the funnel, it will tackle more time-consuming work, like creating CRM emails and website copy.

This results in a more fruitful ideation process that allows creatives to spend more time on creative work, rather than busy work.

The Machine manages creative reviews with clients as we move from creative development to production, and also standardizes routine documentation like casting specs and legal forms.

The Machine is flexible, and growing ever more so. We’ve also used it for post-production tasks like:

  • Generating images
  • Writing copy
  • Animating still images
  • Colorizing black and white images
  • Creating production ready images and graphics
  • Translating text
  • Enhancing images and video
  • Converting live footage into animation
  • Trawling through hundreds of music tracks for film edits
Tablets with computer interface

From audience deep dives, to strategy, to concepting, to production, The Machine is a valuable ally at every stage of the ad-making process. There is no team that does not benefit from it. There is no ad that is not improved by it.

When AI supercharges every aspect of your data, strategy, and creative processes, you arrive at better work. Every time.

Now that you’ve seen how The Machine works, maybe you’d like to see it work for you.

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