AI is Powerful, but How Can We Make It Useful?

AI can translate languages in real-time, generate hyper-realistic images, power self-driving cars, and even create an itinerary for your next vacation. However, despite all the hype, the question remains: how do we make AI useful in a way that benefits us in our daily lives at work and otherwise?

You may have already played around with ChatGPT, a text generator owned by OpenAI, and have come to realize all that it can produce in a very short amount of time. Most recently, OpenAI has released GPT-4, which promises to be even more advanced than its predecessor. Currently only available as a paid model, GPT-4 is safer, and more likely to produce factual responses with greater accuracy, among other improvements. Or, maybe you’ve dabbled with Midjourney, an AI program that generates images from text prompts. Depending on the proficiency of the user, these images can be incredibly detailed and realistic, or fantastical and otherworldly. While these two are most topical, there are many other programs that have made our daily lives easier and more efficient. 

But the real power of AI lies in linking programs together. For example, using ChatGPT to create a prompt that one can input into Midjourney to create a generative image. Our creative department is already exploring and using different AIs for concepting on various projects. By combining the strengths of multiple AIs, we can generate unique design ideas that would be difficult to conceive on our own. 

This concept of linking AIs together is not limited to creative projects. It can also be applied to other fields, such as medicine, finance, and engineering, to name a few. Imagine an AI that can diagnose medical conditions based on patient symptoms, and then link that information to another AI that can recommend personalized treatment plans. Or an AI that can predict stock market trends and link that information to another AI that automatically executes trades based on those predictions.

The potential for linking AI together is endless, and it is a critical component in achieving the full potential of AI. It allows us to combine the strengths of different AI models and create more sophisticated and intelligent systems that can solve complex problems and improve our lives in numerous ways. Our mission is to find utility from AI, not rely on it entirely. Working together with machines and technology is how we take good ideas and make them great, in service of our clients and in the name of good advertising.

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