Our Machine Doesn’t Replace Humans, it Just Makes the Human Jobs Easier

We get it. Saying our machine has been trained in strategy, creativity and advertising may seem like something out of The Terminator. But really, we are just trying to make advertising better for those that consume it, by making it easier for those who create it.

Our machine won’t take away the jobs of creatives. Rather, it allows them to do their jobs faster and in turn, create more. Eliminating more tedious tasks that clog up the pipeline to allow for a more seamless creative process.

The time is now to reinvigorate advertising. Currently, the industry turns over 30% of its employees, every single year. As creative industry veterans, that’s alarming and disheartening. We want to see the industry succeed and excel, which is why we started Supernatural. As creative people, we developed our machine to help fellow creatives, not eliminate those roles. As with former revolutions both industrial and digital, the change seemed daunting, however in order to move forward, someone had to take the leap. So what we’re asking is: are you willing to take that leap with us?

If you’d like a demo of our machine, please reach out to John Elder. We’d love to share it with you.

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