Is AI the New Interactive Marketing?

Let us set the scene - it’s the year 2000. Destiny’s Child is topping the charts, the first crew makes it to the international space station, the word on everyone’s mouth is “recount”. And then, there was the dot com bubble burst. After a promising and exciting decade where startups expanded and succeeded, the bottom fell out and many companies didn’t survive. Attributed to burning through VC money and maybe a bit of mismanagement, the ones that crashed really crashed, and those that survived really thrived (hello Amazon). Those that survived also had to think quickly to retain their customers. The advent of interactive marketing on the heels of the dot com bubble bursting allowed for the surviving companies to get to know their customers better, and in turn serve them with a more tailored strategy.

This new element of advertising and marketing showed promise of changing the advertising game entirely. You could get to know your customers better, actively engage with them and in turn, creating long term relationships with your customers. It didn’t just transform advertising, it changed the way we all live. And for a time, it seemed like the solution everyone needed. Fast forward to 2022, the infrastructure of advertising is crumbling. Budgets are getting smaller but the need for content is getting greater. Advancement is needed again. Enter AI.

AI can be used as a tool that can allow us to do more of what we like to do. Spending less time on creative briefs and more time working on the creative and messaging. In fact, Creative is responsible for 50% of campaign impact. So it seemed to us that embracing technology to make creative minutes and dollars go further is not only exciting, but something to be embraced. The cycle of adaptation we saw with interactive marketing repeats itself today. It starts with excitement and interest, quickly turns to fear and resistance until it is broadly embraced by everyone. We at Supernatural wanted to be ahead of that, which is why we developed our machine.

Relationships are still at the forefront of what we do. Our process is designed around building stronger relationships; between us and our clients and between consumers and products. Our machine allows our agency and your brand to understand your consumers better, faster. The technology makes sure that the messaging we are putting out is relevant and engaging and getting to the right people at the optimal time. Like everything these days, consumer needs change fast, and we want to be sure we are anticipating those changes. Our machine allows for us to crack the creative brief fast which means we can get the creative out there faster. Did we mention that this lets budgets go further? Because we think that’s pretty important too.

If you’d like a demo of our machine, please reach out to John Elder. We’d love to share it with you.

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